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/i need a miracle [ KONAN ]
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I think I'm beginning to accept that it will be a long time before Pein returns.


I should find someonething to do.

// Strike semi-legible \\

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// Unless stated otherwise, all entries starting "+notes+" are visible to the Akatsuki only. \\

Zetsu, I still need a confirmation on your costume. (Because you will be in costume, the rest of us are.)

Kisame, Kakuzu, are your joint preparations doing well?

All of you, I'm sure you know the code and standard of appearences we must have at these parties. Not only do several important investors attend but the general public do too. It is imperative that we keep a classy, unsuspicious profile.

Deidara, you're an artistic type. We've some people coming to set up the lighting and stage Wednesday morning and I need more than a 'general idea' to give these people. If you wouldn't (and you won't) mind using your artistic talents to make the place look good, it would be appreciated.

The DJ will be here on Monday to go over the playlist for the evening.

Itachi, you've some mixes for Halloween cocktails, correct? Make sure they're labelled on the menu under different rates to our standard drinks.

Oh. And of course, I can't forget your least favourite part of the evening. The assigned dancing. You will all dance with your partners at least once during the evening. Try to do it around some fangirls. You know who you're partnered with.

Deidara, your partners aren't currently available so please, drag Zetsu away from his observing for about five minutes and dance with him.

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These changes cause concern to me. I am rather sure such things couldn't happen without help from the inside.

The traitor will find himself dead.

Private to Genma;;
Are you investigating us again? We've nothing to hide and there's nothing to find- why are you wasting your time?
/Private to Genma;;

// Strikeout gooone. \\

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Private to Akatsuki;;

The confirmed costume list so far is as follows:
Pein: (Not attending?)
Konan: Angel
Kakuzu: Knight
Hidan: Skeleton
Kisame: Pirate
Itachi: Vampire
Sasori: (Not attending?)
Deidara: Mob Boss
Zetsu: ???
Tobi: (Not attending?)

Those marked not attending are not currently in Tokyo (before anyone starts complaining). Subject to change.

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I believe I shall wear this for the Halloween party.

Business is holding well. Pein should be pleased.

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