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The weekend rockstars are in the toilet, practicing their lines

'The band were fucking wank, and I'm not having a nice time.'

/i need a miracle [ KONAN ]
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[I didn't believe in something like fate]

As the only female member of the Club Akatsuki, Konan's main role is actually as the personal secretary to Pein as well as his partner. She doesn't seem to acknowledge the 'shadow leader' of the Akatsuki with the same respect she does Pein and frequently defends Pein to the man.

Pein and Konan have went back... pretty much all their lives. With both of Konan's parents being in the Japan Military Forces she was left alone, supposedly in the care of a nanny, for a lot of her childhood. She spent most of her time out of the house with her two friends, Nagato and Yahiko. It wasn't unexpected that she was orphaned at around eight years old when her parents died in the line of duty.

As a child she was rather shy, but extremely talented at origami. She seemed the typical kind and friendly girl who was concerned for others but as the years went on, her behaviour changed. Nagato became known as Pein and she would follow him anywhere. She graduated second top in her class at high school and was set up to do a degree in Business at one of Tokyo's most prestigious universities but dropped out after the first semester of her second year. Since Nagato changed, the two had been working in the Tokyo underground and soon took over a struggling night club and host's bar, naming it Club Akatsuki, with the aid of another man who considers himself their leader, though he announced Pein as acting leader of the club's business.

She rarely speaks to other people, but as Pein is currently away on business in other parts of Japan, Konan has found herself working as the boss of the club in Tokyo. She is extremely talented at reading people and organising things, though her corkboard is often overflowing with post it notes and her inbox with origami models. She manages to maintain her femininity even in the seeming 'boys club' that is the Akatsuki and demands respect because she typically relays Pein's orders to the rest of the members, and is the only person to call Pein by his name.

[This industry's venomous with cold blooded sentiment]

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 8st 2lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black naturally, dyed blue
Medical info: None to speak of. Attachment and delusion problems psychologically (no-one knows.)

Kidnap?: You can try.
Angst?: Not likely.
Attack?: Ask
Severely injure?: Discuss
Kill?: No.
Non-con?: Not likely.
Het, yaoi, yuri?: Yes, it's impossible, you can try.

Rating?: NC-17 max.

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